Power in your mouth- Chapter in a new book (feschrift)

Power in Your Mouth 1 Del Tarr AVANT PROPOS This essay purports to link two conceptual ideas for the reader: First, introducing perhaps a little known “spiritual gift” of the person this feschrift honors, the charismatic gift of prophecy in public meetings. Second, linking prophecy to the topic of the oral/aural world of communication as existed and practiced by the...

Professional Review of The Foolishness of God

The Foolishness of God: A Linguist Looks at the Mystery of Tongues Del Tarr, Professor Emeritus and past President of the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, who holds a PhD in Communications from the University of Minnesota, applies scientific linguistic and theological insights in a breakthrough analysis of the phenomenon of glossolalia. Pentecost, the celebration of the gift of the...

Miracles from Ethiopia #6: Upside-down World; “Unreasonable God?”

This is the last in a series of the miraculous nature of the growth of the  modern Church of Jesus in the land of Ethiopia (Cush in the Bible, Abyssinia in history) which has known Christianity since the Eunuch of Acts 8, and later the first Christian church in AD 345 during the Axumite kingdom.  That Church evolved into the Alexandrian Ethiopian Orthodox Coptic Church, 30 million strong. It is...


My last post told of the conversion of a member of Mohammed’s extended family living in Ethiopia. This number in the series tells of his influence in ministry as told to me in Ethiopia’s capital city in November, 2009. “A fellow believer in our ministry who is a Muslim had a dream of Isa (Jesus in Arabic) who had a bag of medicine. Jesus said: ‘Take this medicine and be healed’. In the...

Miracles from Ethiopia: Part 4

The sons of Ishmael, almost totally Muslim today, are daily in the news. Generally, for those in the West, the news is not complimentary or peaceful. Islam, (“Submission to the Way”) the world-wide religion started by the prophet Mohammed in the seventh century is growing faster than Christianity. In most Muslim dominated countries the practice of Christianity is tolerated at best and...

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