Unraveling the Mysteries of the Holy Spirit #6

THE WELL For June 16th, 2010 Lesson # 6 of 8

Unraveling the Mystery of the Holy Spirit

By Del Tarr, PhD

Communication Theory and your Prayer Language

1. MEANING: Meaning is not in words , meaning is in People! (**pp. 119-123)

(This is why your husband/wife doesn’t understand you!!)

ROSS model of Communication

Relate this model to I Cor. 2: 6-16

Glossolalia opens the door for wisdom beyond the encoding/ decoding of human wisdom.

2. Pentecostals are not better people or better communicators  naturally, but they have learned, through tongues speech, the submission of their own mental and verbal skills to the Holy Spirit. This empowers those (Acts 1:8) to take courage that God wants them as humble servants for the proclamation of the Gospel.

3. Read in the text (**pp. 127-8) of the Evangelical Lutheran pastor’s explanation of how Prayer language in the Spirit bypasses the limitations of the intellect!

4. See I Cor. 14:14. When the Holy Spirit gives utterance in prayer or song, the data base (Ross model) is suppressed in favor of a mysterious speech with which the Holy Spirit can impress us with His knowledge and insight. (** see text p. 173).

WHEN WE PRAY IN AN UNKNOWN LANGUAGE, we shut off our habitual way of speaking, and TRUST the giver (Jesus) and communicate from our souls.

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