Unraveling the Mysteries of the Holy Spirit #5

THE WELL, (Lesson 5, June 9th, 2010)

Unraveling the Mystery of the Holy Spirit


1. This is one of the most important yet difficult lessons of the series. Please follow closely – and ask questions! The lesson is difficult because we humans don’t understand well, or even appreciate the idea of the ­­incarnation. **(see pp 259-270) in the text. It’s too mysterious for our “scientific” minds in this age.

2. (** Read p. 259 with me.) The idea of a redeemer is the most unorthodox thing God could have done. This is the event that sets Christianity apart from all other major world religions. Judaism could not accept it. Buddhism has no hint of it. Islam totally rejects the idea that God would “buy back” (redeem) mankind.

3. The incarnation is God’s restraint in action so we could relate to Him!

4.  The Holy Spirit continues this incarnational principle of Godly restraint to make us His partners in becoming His witnesses (Acts 1:8). Thus God continues taking a risk with us, imperfect as we are, in His grand plan of the gospel of love to humanity. (** see p. 264; 266).

5.  As unreasonable as it seems: GOD REFUSES TO CONTROL BELIEF. Satan tried to get Jesus to do this in the wilderness temptation – Jesus refused!

But the Church in the Inquisition yielded to Satan’s will, as does Islam today.

(**See p 267-268)

6.  Today’s lesson is at the threshold of Tarr’s thesis in The Foolishness of God: this idea of God sharing in partnership. His power and presence with mankind has always plagued the Church’s understanding leading to two faults:

a) Spiritual gifts are only natural abilities

b) Spiritual gifts are totally supernatural

7.  Scripture teaches us that today’s gifts of the Holy Spirit are inspired of God but activated through human vessels (II Cor. 4: 7). The oversight of all the utterance gifts in the Assembly is to be controlled by the church in love. (I Cor. 14: 29; 32-33).

REVIEW: The Holy Spirit doesn’t need us, He wants us to partner with Him

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