A Brief Background of CCC Missions

In 1914 the Assemblies of God was formed as an official religious organization registered with the United States government for two basic reasons.
One: To solidify a doctrinal consensus concerning the recent Holy Spirit Baptism renewal movement begun in 1906 widely known as the Azusa Street revival.
Two: To form a legal organism necessary to guarantee the repatriation of American citizens leaving the US as missionaries and evangelists.
In the original documents of preamble to the bylaws one can find the words: “We pledge ourselves to the greatest effort of world evangelization any movement has ever seen “. That was an audacious statement but in retrospect, has been true.
Today the Assemblies of God is the largest single world-wide Protestant church with over 65,000,000 adherents in 200 countries, adding five million members a year, with 320,000 trained ministers from over 500 ministerial training institutions. The one outstanding characteristic of this growth is the long term commitment by its “missionaries” to become FEET ON THE GROUND  who learn the cultures and languages of their “target audiences”. The basic method of the Apostle Paul of the indigenous church method is utilized. Briefly, that belief is a  trust in the Holy Spirit to equip  the local believers to establish their own capacity of self governance, self propagation, self financing and self theologizing. Capital encourages individual attenders to commit to a financial faith-promise to become a Global Partner with those who move their families and skills to one of 70 counties where Capital is helping to support 270 missionaries and ministries walking the local terrain during a multiple- year commitment. Global Partners is your exciting chance of personal involvement to hold hands with those missionaries whose feet are described in Isaiah 57:2 and in this great end-times harvest of the Church of Jesus Christ.

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