Unraveling the Mystery of the Holy Spirit #2

THE WELL    (LESSON #2 –APRIL 14, 2010)

Unraveling the Mysteries of the Holy Spirit

Instructor:  Dr. Del Tarr

1. GOD’S REVELATION IN STAGES RE: the role of the H.S.

  • Colossians 1:26.  What is this hope of glory? The three stage progression of How the Holy Spirit has interacted through the ages.  (** Text page 17ff) Jerry Cook gives us the following:
  • STAGE ONE: In the O.T. God was more “out there” who had to be approached with a blood sacrifice. One dared not pronounce His name. (scribes and washings) God seen as austere and “out there”.

He gave the 10 Commandments (Hard to keep – Rom. 3:20).

  • STAGE TWO: Jesus came, the Son of God! (Immanuel God with us) He lived, talked and ate with his disciples. They discovered he was not a normal man – that he actually created the universe! But after he was killed by crucifixion, the fact that he’d been with them 3 years didn’t make them into the witnesses He needed. They were still cowering behind closed doors. They needed something more.
  • STAGE THREE (God IN them) Astonishing!! This stage came with fire and wind –and a sign – glossolalia. Not a subjective internal sign which could be pretended or falsely claimed and which no one could verify! (Not subjective, but objective).  And it has been seen as foolish and ridiculous ever since – from the first day (Acts 2:12-13).

2. THE FIRST THING TO NOTE IS THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT IS A PERSON ! He is not a force, like electricity which is nonpersonal. This is a critical thought because if we see Him only as a power He becomes someone we try to get hold of and  use. We should never refer to Him as an “it”. HE IS TRYING TO GET   HOLD OF US to use us to bring glory to Christ and His Kingdom on earth. ( John 16:12-15)

3. PARTNERSHIP WITH HUMANS. One of God’s highest priorities!

(** See Text – pp. 362-366) (The Incarnational Nature of the Gifts)

When the Godhead chose to send the Son, He might instead have used an angel or the Son of God in only His   heavenly form. But we wouldn’t have related to Him as well. In the same model, (God’s part – man’s part) is found His plan for us to be instruments in the Holy Spirit’s work.

4.  LETS LOOK AT SOME EXAMPLES/TESTIMONIALS OF THE ABOVE ELEMENTS. (Look at the amazing story on p. 127 that illustrates one of the 6 functions of one of the gifts.)  This is a modern example of Acts 2:8! (**For more examples – see appendix #2 in text)

It comes from Dennis Bennett, the first Episcopalian priest in the 1960s to write, travel and speak of his experience of the Spirit’s fullness.

1. In a full gospel church in Oregon, there was a young man who had married a Japanese girl while stationed in Japan with the armed forces. The young couple returned to the United States, and were doing well, except that the young lady flatly resisted here husband’s Christian faith and held steadfastly to her Buddhism.  One night after the evening service, the couple was at the altar, he praying to God through Jesus Christ, and she praying her Buddhist prayers. Next to them was kneeling a middle aged woman, a housewife from the community. As this woman began to pray out loud in tongues, suddenly the Japanese bride seized her husband’s arm: “Listen” she whispered in excitement. “This woman speak to me in Japanese! She say to me: ‘You have tried Buddha, and he does you no good, why don’t you try Jesus Christ?’ She does not speak to me in ordinary Japanese language, she speak temple language, and use my whole name which no one in this country knows!” It is not surprising that the young lady became a Christian!

2. This second example is from my personal experience while president of the Assemblies of God seminary in Missouri. If you have a text, follow me on page

**236-7. The Key phrase is in a pull quote: “We don’t’ know what this is or why you are here – but what you have, would you give it to us too?!”

3.  Example #3 is from a Lutheran (ALC) pastor who became an evangelist and wanted the gift of healing in his ministry. The key words in this example are: “My earnest desire is for the gift of healing, but I’m afraid tongues would not be acceptable in Lutheran circles”. We’ll read his testimony on ** pp 241-2.

4.  The last example is from the historical evangelist Charles Finney’s diary. From the text on page **246.

(Note, you’ll not find the key words of this testimony in texts about Finney written by Evangelicals. They have expunged these sentences in reporting)

“The Holy Spirit descended on me..it seemed to come in waves and waves of liquid love; for I should say, I literally bellowed out unutterable gushing of my heart”

Lesson #3 will concentrate on chapter 7 in the text: RISK TAKING/LOSS –GOD’S MODEL

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