This just in from Serkaddis, the registrar of Addis Ababa Bible College in the capital of Ethiopia.
A friend who is in the Ethiopian military who is a Christian had been often persecuted for his faith by his battalion and the Captain himself. Intending to belittle this Christian soldier and having tipped off the members of the whole group, the captain handed him the key for a jeep sitting in the field. “Take this key and move the jeep in front of the building” was his command. “But I can’t drive” answered the soldier. (This is not unusual as only about one in ten adults in Ethiopia have ever driven a car) “Just ask your God friend to help you” jeered the captain. Everyone watched as the soldier took the key, moved the jeep and parked it exactly as he was ordered. Upon stepping out of the jeep he saw that the whole battalion was weeping and saying: “We want to serve your God!” The Christian soldier was surprised and asked what was happening. The captain went over to the jeep and lifted the hood to a large empty space – there was no engine!! The soldier’s previous testimony of a God of the impossible is bearing much fruit as many are coming to believe in Jesus the Saviour!

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