“Embedded in Context” by Dr. Del Tarr. Published in October’s Capital Culture Magazine.

Sound like a rare title? Please read on for a few lines!

Would you allow a “surgeon” who had no professional medical training, or had only used a knife to cut bread, to open up your chest cavity and work on your heart? Of course not!

Do you know how long you would survive in the North Atlantic wearing only street clothes, even if you were an excellent swimmer? It’s measured in minutes due to the cold water and hypothermia.

The Church of Jesus Christ can only be (and has been) planted by men and women of proper knowledge and skills: Those who establish permanent residence among the people they aim to reach AND learn language, significant culture traits, relationship expertise, and have a passion for the souls of men and women for whom Christ died. It takes about as long to be skilled at this as it does to train a surgeon or a Navy Seal. In some instances even longer.
These folks are embedded in context just like a true surgeon is a product of his/her training. Missionaries living “in context” need our support just like a surgeon cannot live without a salary. Capital Christian Center has about 250 of these trained ministers who are our representatives. We send them nearly $65,000 a month as they work in 40 different countries and in diverse ethnic home missions ministries in the USA. CCC has great impact!

If you have been privileged to go on a “missions trip” for a few days or weeks, you’ve gained a wonderful experience and blessing. But you’ve also discovered how dependent you were on those who have lived and breathed the culture until they’ve developed the respect and effectiveness you depended on so your short term efforts were greatly accelerated. I wish everyone could experience what you have.

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