“Freedoms Light” by Kelsey Beaudoin. Published in December’s Capital Culture Magazine.

Freedom. Free to speak, free to assemble, free to believe. Some Global Partners that Capital supports must live and minister in conditions contrary to these liberties that we abide in daily, but frequently take for granted. In lands like this, it often takes the supernatural power of God through healings, miracles, visions, and other manifestations of the Spirit in order to see people come to Christ. Converts tend to be few, and persecution is certain. This story was relayed to us by one of our Global Partners on the front lines.

Waiting for the bus, Mahmoud prayed, “Lord, grant me favor, that many would come to know Your son Jesus. That they would know the truth of . . .” As the squeal of the old bus breaks came into his ears amidst the many voices and other traffic sounds, he looked up. His eyes followed the bus as it finished its approach to where he stood.

It looked like a sardine can, packed to capacity. Mahmoud’s eyes scanned the array of weary faces till he found the man with the longest beard. A fundamentalist. Making room for himself next to him, Mahmoud began to worship Jesus. Songs and praise entered the ears of the tired Muslim travelers, each quite surprised at his boldness. Then from close proximity the fundamentalist raised his voice as well, but in objection to such a display against Islam. It was just what Mahmoud wanted. In that moment he explained not only to the fundamentalist, but the whole bus, how Jesus had saved his life. Most were angry and didn’t believe, but seeds were planted.

Months later Mahmoud was on trial for his innovative evangelism to Muslims (which had become a common occurrence for him). An amazing display occurred that morning which caught the attention of the national media. Hundreds of Christians came singing worship songs and praising God as they covered the front area of the building and flooded into the courtroom in support of their fellow brother in Christ. Though Mahmoud was sentenced to two months in prison, he was encouraged to see other Christians boldly proclaiming their faith to the newspapers and television reporters.

This is a true story from Africa. Through this method Mahmoud has lead hundreds of Muslims to Christ in Algeria. His boldness is bringing piercing light into the darkness of the Muslim world. Please pray that the hardened hearts of Muslim people might be turned to Christ. Also pray for ones such as Mahmoud for boldness and protection in Muslim strongholds all over the world.

You can help people like Mahmoud by financially supporting our Global Partners here at Capital. Giving will enable people around the world to share the gospel with those who have never heard. Be the difference today.

Kelsey Beaudoin

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