Unraveling the Mystery of the Holy Spirit #1


“Unraveling the mysteries of the Holy Spirit”- by Del Tarr

Introduction to 8 weeks of study about the person of the Godhead the least understood or known in the Christian world.

Luke 24:45-49

THE SCHEDULE: Three Wednesday nights in April by Tarr (April 7,14,28). THEN: Four Wednesdays with Rev. Jason Harper’s topic: Love Waits about personal evangelism. (Which the Holy Spirit helps us to do better) AND AGAIN: Tarr resumes with 5 Wednesdays in June (2,9,16,23,30) on the topic above.

A WORD ABOUT THE TEXT: Very helpful for this subject. You can be reading it between sessions!  Just off the press by Access Publishers. An 8-year work (I’m a slow writer ! ) but containing much more material than we can cover in 8 sessions. This is a RESOURCE for the reader on the mysteries of the Holy Spirit and especially about the most controversial aspect – the Initial Evidence of Spirit Baptism that the world (and some Christians) find “foolish – unreasonable- divisive – and even worse.” The author believes God has chosen glossolalia on purpose – So the wrong ones won’t get Gods great enabling gift. Key word in this controversy:  Submission! Learn about the 6 functions of how the HS wants to communicate to the Body of Christ through us. (**See pp 197-198 in the text)

NOTE: An informal question and answer period will be scheduled in most sessions. Start to write out questions as you listen and read in the textbook between sessions. (Paper provided on Book table.)


Page 2.    4/7/10 Unraveling the mysteries of the Holy Spirit

During the lessons, many references will be made to the TEXT . This helps us cover the maximum territory with less time. (It also saves paper!) Two stars (**) indicate book passages to read.

** Read page V in the text — then the 2nd Paragraph ff on page XV.

1.  What is God doing? Pentecost is a RESTORATIONIST movement. All the writers of the NT spoke in tongues as well as the believers in the first 200 years.

2,  HERE IS ONE OF THE CORE TEACHINGS OF THIS COURSE. THE THESIS! God wants to COMPLETE His redemption of the world and cosmos IN and THROUGH us! He does this most effectively by His SPIRIT BAPTISM.  He is a God of  RESTRAINT so our own volition (will) can come into play. He could do this without us – but He won’t.  WITHOUT HIM WE CAN’T.  WITHOUT US HE WON’T. (During this time of Grace).

** See the Text pp 259-260.

3.  Let’s view the WORKS of the Holy Spirit. WHAT DOES HE DO?

a. He SPEAKS____ Acts 13: 2

b. He TEACHES_____ John 14:26

c. He CONVICTS___ John 16:8-11

e. He  can be GRIEVED___ Ephesians 4:30

f. He can be RESISTED­­­­____ Acts 7:51

g. He is EVERYWHERE___ Psalms 139:7-10

h. He is the AGENT___ in salvation  John 3:5-6

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