Miracles from Ethiopia #6: Upside-down World; “Unreasonable God?”

This is the last in a series of the miraculous nature of the growth of the  modern Church of Jesus in the land of Ethiopia (Cush in the Bible, Abyssinia in history) which has known Christianity since the Eunuch of Acts 8, and later the first Christian church in AD 345 during the Axumite kingdom.  That Church evolved into the Alexandrian Ethiopian Orthodox Coptic Church, 30 million strong. It is Christian but was declared “heretic” by the Council of Chalcedon in AD 454, because of its stand on the doctrine of the Incarnation. (Monophysitism).

Quick History

The message of Pentecost was introduced into Ethiopia by the Swedes and Norwegians before WWII. In the 1970s the Emperor (Haile Selassie) was overthrown and killed by a communist regime backed by Russia. The Pentecostal church was at about 500,000 when, with all other Christians with the exception of the Orthodox, were forced underground to survive. From that persecuted position for 17 years, while the country was totally ruined both economically and spiritually, the “Pentes” (derogatory name given to Pentecostals by the Orthodox) and all Evangelicals met God in a new way by urgent prayer, fasting, and Biblical study! The persecuted church of Christ had grown to between 3 and 4 million when allowed to again surface after the curse of the “dirge” (Amharic for army and communism)! Today there is an Evangelical Union of 28 distinct denominations and independent churches that number about 15 million believers according to their statistics. This is indeed a miraculous development! Most Lutheran and Presbyterian and the para-church Sudan Interior Mission believers (with early strong numbers) have strong majorities of Spirit Baptized members who like Acts 1:8 promises: “…You will receive power after that the Holy Spirit comes upon you – to be my witnesses…” and are gaining new converts at an accelerated rate. This growth is as significant as any place on the continent of Africa.


The New Age thinking that “without humanity there exists no seed of divinity” is simply not a possible meaning for Jesus’ words or actions. Such thoughts are revisionist, foreign to His teaching, His actions and foreign to His disciples’ teaching. Neither Jesus nor His audience had been weaned on Star Wars, and so when they spoke of God, they were not speaking of cosmic forces. It’s simply bad history to redefine what Jesus meant by the Concept of God.


Think of the absurdity of picturing a little band of defeated cowards cowering in an upper room one day and a few days later transformed into a company that no persecution could silence – and attempting to attribute this dramatic change to nothing more convincing than a miserable fabrication by today’s unbelievers! Now, that wouldn’t make sense! TRUTH: “Caesar and Jesus met in the arena – and Christ won!” Within twenty years, the claim of the Galilean peasants had disrupted the Jewish church — In less than fifty years it had begun to threaten the peace of the Roman Empire. When we have said everything that can be said – we stand confronted with the greatest mystery of all. Why did it win?

And now, with but 100 years after the advent of the Azusa Street revival and other Holy Spirit activity amongst even those who long opposed renewal,– the Charismatic/Pentecostal revival has redefined the whole Christian world to the consternation of statisticians and the chagrin of the cessationists. (Those who believe the age of miracles is past). Six hundred fifty million souls & growing!




HOW CAN HE ENERGIZE HIS BELIEVERS WITH THE “FOLLY” OF TONGUES SPEECH –(which opens up the door to the Gifts of the Spirit for service!)

What power is produced by surrender to His will! How upside-down His understanding? How unreasonable His logic !

Why must I have faith to please Him? I know not all the answers.

I will throw in my lot to His intentions. It matters not that I lack full understanding by human analysis. (I think this too is part of His intention)

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