My last post told of the conversion of a member of Mohammed’s extended family living in Ethiopia. This number in the series tells of his influence in ministry as told to me in Ethiopia’s capital city in November, 2009.

“A fellow believer in our ministry who is a Muslim had a dream of Isa (Jesus in Arabic) who had a bag of medicine. Jesus said: ‘Take this medicine and be healed’. In the dream the man said: ‘No – I take refuge in Mohammed!’ Five nights in succession this vision repeated identically each time. Finally in the dream he took the medicine and in reality he went into a deep sleep and actually overslept late into the morning. When he awoke, he discovered he was alone in the house. Early in the morning soldiers had come while he slept and had taken all the men in that house, forced them outside the town and killed them all. He was the only survivor as he alone was saved as he slept. He turned to follow the Isa of his vision.” The story teller (the Director of Ministry to Muslims in Ethiopia) then proudly showed me a video of this man being baptized in water. For a Muslim to be baptized in water is a powerful testimony of faith that often leads to sever persecution and even death. I estimate that baptism in the Muslim world has five times the significance for the individual and his/her community than in the West.


(Always a dream or vision – Just like in Bible times)

“Another former Muslim, now a believer came to the Savior like this: In his dream he found himself in front of a huge ocean that he couldn’t see across, yet he wanted to cross because on the beach where he was standing there were ferocious wild animals.  He saw hyenas, lions, etc. all threatening him. Fear gripped him. On his left he saw a very dark region and standing in the dark was Mohammed. On his right was very intense light and standing in the light was Isa Messiah (Jesus Christ). ‘Help me to cross the water’, he called to Mohammed. ‘I can’t help you’ said Mohammed. ‘Go to the other side – go to the light’. ‘No!’ responded the man. ‘He’s a Christian prophet’ was his response. He called again: ‘Who can help me?’ Mohammed said again, ‘Go to the other side’. Then it was as if a long arm from Jesus stretched out and lifted him gently into the light.

Following this came a time of confusion and doubt, until he decided to follow the light. He is now a preacher in the Evangelical movement.”

My wife Dolly and I have been living in or interacting with Africa for 50 years. During that time, in at least 40 instances we have heard a reoccurring phenomenon about the image of Jesus appearing in a blinding light at the foot of the bed of an Imam, (Muslim holy man or teacher in a mosque). Jesus always says only a few words, like: “I’m Jesus of the Bible – follow me.” The light is so brilliant that family members in the house witness to the light shining around the door jam and through the key hole with such intensity that the whole hallway is bright in its power. They don’t hear the voice, but in the morning ask the father: “What was that in the middle of the night?” Often the Imam is so overcome with fright and wonder it takes him months to reveal what happened to him. This reoccurring episode is always followed by the eventual turning from Islam to Christianity and generally under great threat and persecution. Many times the local Christians must hide the teacher for months and help him to escape to other parts of the territory. I have met some of these men. They are powerful witnesses.

  1. Lorraine del Rosario says:

    What another powerful witness of how Jesus Christ is interacting with head’s of the muslim ideology to win soul’s for the advancement of God’s Kingdom!!! Thank you Dr. Tarr
    I will continue to pray for their salvation’s instead of hating the muslim people, as each human being has an eternal lost soul inside that need’s Jesus Christ to save us…… Thank you for teaching me through your powerful testimonies of what you have experienced!!! I will be sharing your most wonderful web address as I believe it will open the eyes to many christian’s as to how we should pray!!!

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