Miracles from Ethiopia: Part 4

The sons of Ishmael, almost totally Muslim today, are daily in the news. Generally, for those in the West, the news is not complimentary or peaceful. Islam, (“Submission to the Way”) the world-wide religion started by the prophet Mohammed in the seventh century is growing faster than Christianity. In most Muslim dominated countries the practice of Christianity is tolerated at best and prohibited at worst. “Shari-a” law is extremely oppressive, especially for women. In many Muslim dominated countries, a Muslim who converts to any other religion is subject to capital punishment. Thousands are killed every year for this reason. Because of political correctness in the US, these go unreported except in rare cases. Both the General Superintendent and his assistant in our Church have been assassinated in Iran in the last few years. Only last month, the  AG General Superintendent in one of the Muslim dominated former Soviet Union States was assassinated, it is assumed, by a Muslim terrorist. In spite of all this, the Holy Spirit is moving in unprecedented ways amongst Muslims in many places, including Ethiopia.

WHY? Because Christians are praying for them like never before. The most effective Christian witnesses are those whose theology allows for the supernatural. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Almost without exception, Muslims come to Christian faith because of a supernatural/miraculous experience, often through visions. Case in point:

The head of the Ethiopian Evangelical Association of Muslim Ministries is from an 80-person remnant in a direct line of Mohammed’s family that were protected in Ethiopia (mentioned in the Koran) during Mohammed’s trials and wars between Mecca and Medina. His family is like a royal family in Islam.

His Conversion

A political upheaval happened in 1974 in Ethiopia toppling hundreds of years of Empirical rule by a Socialist/Communist junta that killed Emperor Haile Selassie and a thousand others in the city square and threatened anyone of high birth or well educated. Benhara (not his real name) was threatened and left his home in northern Ethiopia to escape to Kenya on the south. On the way with his wife, he dreamed in a night vision that a lady relative called him to a southern town in Ethiopia. He felt it was the hand of Allah who would meet him there and bless him in that town on his way to escaping the Communist regime. He had fled his home and traveled incognito on buses and by walking. They were so poor that they were often hungry on the journey. Arriving at the city he had seen in his dream, he was staying at a cheep rented room with only macaroni to eat. Sitting down with his wife with only a small amount of food, a knock came to the door. He thought: “We should ignore and not answer the door because we don’t have enough for us let alone be hospitable to a guest”. But the knock persisted so he opened to find an old friend. Naturally, the friend was invited to share the macaroni. To his amazement, the macaroni multiplied itself for all three until there was as much left after all were filled than what had existed at the start of the meal. He stirred the bowl to see if the bowl was much deeper than remembered, but no. He checked under the table to see if there was some trick his wife had played on him, but nothing. When his friend left, he retired to bed. In the night Isa Messiah came to him and asked: “Do you know who multiplied the macaroni?” “It was I. I’m Jesus. If you follow me, I’ll multiply your life like the macaroni!” The next day he asked to speak to the preacher of the Full Gospel Church in town because he didn’t believe any other church would believe his story.

He then prayed to Isa for the first time in his life. But for many months he continued to think of Jesus and God like he had learned in the Koran. He knew he needed to study theology to gain a better understanding of this Jesus (Isa) of the Koran. So he began to study the Bible for answers. Few came. He was confused and refused to be baptized in water for many months. He was told of Addis Ababa Bible College and that they accepted many kinds of denominations and people. When he enrolled in only one class (Biblical Introduction), he had trouble understanding the English of the American teacher. After one week, he quit the class. That night Jesus came in his room again and showed him a vision of the classroom with him sitting in the back row. Jesus took his hand and led him up to the second row, and said, “Here’s your place”. The next day he went back to class and suddenly he understood the teacher and began to see that Allah was different than what his Muslim teaching had revealed.

He has never looked back! He was baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit. He began his ministry to his own kind. He states there are now over 30,000 born again Muslims in Ethiopia, many of whom haven’t changed their outward appearance (clothes, hair, beards, etc.) to look like the West. They now serve a risen Savior and are saved by grace through faith. They’ve left a blindly followed system of works and regimentation that none-the-less leaves them lacking confidence of eternal life with God.

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