Miracles from Ethiopia: Part 3

The Charismatic Evangelical Churches in Ethiopia were started before WWII by the Scandinavians from Norway, Sweden and Finland. Other mainline evangelical works before and since that time exist. Twenty eight different denominations/church bodies compose the Evangelical Society of Churches with a combined constituency of about 15 million souls. Thirty million Ethiopians are partisans of the 1600 year old Ethiopian Alexandrian Orthodox Coptic Church – the power brokers of the social and political landscape. Almost an equal number of Muslims exist in Ethiopia to the combined Orthodox and Protestant and Evangelical/Charismatic number. Roman Catholicism is relatively weak, having been thrown out in the 18th century for its political ways. The official Orthodox Church persecutes Evangelicals even more than the Muslims do. This is especially true in the smaller villages. If an Orthodox believer becomes a “Pente” (derogatory sobriquet for Pentecostal) he/she can be killed (many documented cases every year) or at best will lose employment and even be disinherited from their families. In that context, the following true account came to my attention during our two year commitment to this land so associated to the Bible.

A young man studying for the priesthood in the Orthodox Church received salvation through faith and also Spirit Baptism. His family disowned him, even though he was the oldest son. His aged mother was especially saddened to have lost the honor of having an Orthodox priest in the family. He was dismissed from the seminary in shame and driven from his home and village. He began to study for the Protestant ministry in the Bible College in Addis Ababa, the capital, where our family teaches. His mother died soon after he had enrolled. Orthodox families traditionally conduct a “wake” in the home of the deceased. Though disowned by the family he was expected to attend the long hours of silent presence near the casket.

After some time, he felt led to lay his hands on the coffin and pray for his mother. She revived and began knocking from the inside of the coffin. People fled in panic through every exit of the room and house! He had to run someone down outside who had the key to unlock the lid of the coffin so his now alive mother could be helped out. She no longer opposes her son’s educational pursuits and sits on the front row of the “new” church. A great revival is underway in that family and circle of acquaintances! Modern scientific man can’t/won’t believe this even though the mother had been dead 4 days. No wonder: Science is god.

  1. Lorraine del Rosario says:

    “Oh give thanks to the Lord for His wonderful works to the children of men”!!! Thank you for sharing. To God be the Glory!!

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