Watch this space for the workings of the Holy Spirit in the Church of Jesus Christ in Ethiopia. There will be a series of five or more incidences (verified/researched) showing how the new wave of renewal is being directed, sovereignly, to the ingathering of the faithful of the Lord in that ancient land where Christianity found its birth in 364 AD.

This series follows the completion of over two years of administrative assistance to the Ethiopian Assemblies of God organization by the author, (September 2007 to December 2009) when he and his wife Dolly were asked to help a church in crises with the blessing of Capital Christian Center.

There are over 15 million Evangelicals in Ethiopia, the majority of which are Charismatic in belief with the faith to expect the supernatural, like in the New Testament. Here is the first of the series that concerns the miracle of being raised from the dead of a young girl while being carried to the cemetery:

Two of my students in Addis Ababa Bible College, an Assemblies of God ministers training school that serves the AG, but also more than 20 other Pentecostal organizations who use the college to train their ministers, were assigned to a Muslim village in the southern part of Ethiopia. They knew that the evangelization of Muslims is a delicate affair where nothing is accomplished until strong relationships are established (taking years sometimes) before any witnessing is effective in the community. This they had done. Because of their wise patience, they were asked to assist in the funeral cortege (carrying the body through the crowd) at the death of a young Muslim girl aged ten. Taking their turn, while bearing on their shoulders the body wrapped in a bedroll, the Spirit impressed one young minister to pray for the deceased! He mentioned this to his partner carrying the other end of the bedroll who wanted nothing to do with this and asked someone in the crowd to take his place. When the first evangelist heard again the Spirit prompt him, he lifted his voice and prayed for the girl’s deliverance. The Spirit’s power hit him and he fell – dropping, of course, one end of the corpse which fell and rolled on the ground. The crowd went wild with anger, until they saw not only the evangelist get up, but the young girl too! Now a new frenzy gripped the crowd who saw a young girl brought back to life in the name of, who for them, is the Prophet Jesus (Yissa). Today, two years later, these two men pastor a growing Pentecostal church of over 400 in the community.

No. 2 in this series, next, will trace the uniqueness of Ethiopia as the only African nation never colonized and which is mentioned in the Bible 37 times (called the land of Cush) with close ties to Israel and Egypt in ancient history.

  1. Lorraine del Rosario says:

    What mighty miracle’s God hath wrought over in Ethiopia, I have now put them on my prayer list & want to be faithful to pray for the souls that need Jesus there!! Thank you Dr. for making me aware of it now!!!

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