Unraveling the Mysteries of the Holy Spirit #7

THE WELL  June 23rd Lesson #7 of 8

Unraveling the Mystery of the Holy Spirit

By Del Tarr, PhD


“For judgment I have come into this world, so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind.” – Jesus, in John 9:39   (Tough words in a power obsessed world!) The church wishes to make the gospel reasonable and logical. It’s not and can’t be so. This is the design of God himself.

1.  Satan, in the wilderness temptation of Jesus, tried to entice him to wear a crown instead of a cross. That would have tempted any lesser man. Jesus refused to be moved from the plan of His and our Father. (**see p. 301-2)

2. For ten years I was a part of the International Roman Catholic/Pentecostal Dialogue. The RC leader of their assigned group, Father Killian McDonnell makes this statement: “Only once the ego has been stripped away can the gift of the Spirit be fully experienced”. This apparent weakness is God’s plan. Since 1965, millions of Catholics have become Charismatic.(** see p 306)

3.  The Scottish Presbyterian Edward Irving, 80 years before the Azusa revival said: “The gift of tongues humbles the pride of intellect, revealing that a person is more than a community of reason”. (**see the Communications Insight, p.308).

4.  The famous Roman Arch, an architectural marvel in its day (and even now) was called by Leonardo da Vinci, the amazing inventor and artist “A strength developed from weakness”. (** see text pp. 313-314).

5.  The text on pp. 368-9 shows God’s wisdom in contrast to man’s will.


A:                                                            B:                                                               C:

(Evil spiritual control)    (Delicate balance, God/mankind)   (Human control)


Pagan ecstasy                                Tongues speech                         No tongues allowed

(absence of intellect)               (subordination of intellect)       (intellectual dominance)

No man in his right mind would have chosen glossolalia – any more than any Jew would have chosen a Messiah to be so weak to let Himself get killed by the ignominious death of the Roman cross.

  1. Thanks for putting this up. I am thankful for it.

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