Are Assemblies Of God higher educational institutions losing the culture war?

There’s no doubt about it – AG higher education has been dealt a blow to the head, and we are reeling under the multi-faceted attack! Mind you, the battle is not over –victory is still possible. But as you ponder the increasingly godless and anti-life direction of American society, have you wondered why the battle is so one-sided? Look no further than our own Assemblies of God colleges and...

Together Something Beautiful

A Global Partnership is an opportunity for you to play an active part in world missions. When you become a partner, you are supporting nearly 300 missionaries and works. Each of these missionaries has taken a step in faith to minister. As a partner, we ask that you also would give out of faith and prayer. In providing a clean drink of water to a thirsty child or sitting down around a meal to...

Missions Is My Bag

World evangelism was stated as the “chief concern of the church” by our founding fathers.  Our early pioneers placed a high priority on missions at home and abroad.  Believers were encouraged to support their churches through tithing, and then to give beyond the tithe to reach the lost in other places. This emphasis in tithing and giving was repeated as missionaries established national...

Global Partner Video


A Brief Background of CCC Missions

In 1914 the Assemblies of God was formed as an official religious organization registered with the United States government for two basic reasons. One: To solidify a doctrinal consensus concerning the recent Holy Spirit Baptism renewal movement begun in 1906 widely known as the Azusa Street revival. Two: To form a legal organism necessary to guarantee the repatriation of American citizens...

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