Power in your mouth- Chapter in a new book (feschrift)

Power in Your Mouth 1 Del Tarr AVANT PROPOS This essay purports to link two conceptual ideas for the reader: First, introducing perhaps a little known “spiritual gift” of the person this feschrift honors, the charismatic gift of prophecy in public meetings. Second, linking prophecy to the topic of the oral/aural world of communication as existed and practiced by the...

The Foolishness of God

The Foolishness of God article to be posted in the November 20th issue of Pentecostal Evangel.

Are Assemblies Of God higher educational institutions losing the culture war?

There’s no doubt about it – AG higher education has been dealt a blow to the head, and we are reeling under the multi-faceted attack! Mind you, the battle is not over –victory is still possible. But as you ponder the increasingly godless and anti-life direction of American society, have you wondered why the battle is so one-sided? Look no further than our own Assemblies of God colleges and...

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