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A Global Partnership is an opportunity for you to play an active part in world missions. When you become a partner, you are supporting nearly 300 missionaries and works. Each of these missionaries has taken a step in faith to minister. As a partner, we ask that you also would give out of faith and prayer. In providing a clean drink of water to a thirsty child or sitting down around a meal to...


Most news reports say that Islam is the fastest growing religion. Wrong!! Author James Rutz in a new book, Mega Shift, brings evidence that there is a new, or perhaps, original form of evangelical Christianity sweeping through places like China, Africa, India and Southeast Asia and parts of Latin America  — making it by far the fastest growing faith on the planet. Rutz calls these folks...

Race for A Mission

Missions at Capital Christian Center in Sacramento, CA is launching a new frontier in compassionate ministry! Four brave young men from the church, including two pastors, have entered the annual Race Across America (RAAM – Six days, 3000 mile journey) to raise awareness and funding for three great needs in the developing world: Clean Water; Hunger; and Education. Check out the following...


Del Tarr says:  Note the central theme of the following article that relates so well to American society’s fixation on the speed of activity augmented by our technological prowess in the world. We want to do things at micro-wave speed, God prefers the crock pot! In reality, you can’t “hurry” a seed. By George Wood, General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God I had lunch with a...

Miracles from Ethiopia #6: Upside-down World; “Unreasonable God?”

This is the last in a series of the miraculous nature of the growth of the  modern Church of Jesus in the land of Ethiopia (Cush in the Bible, Abyssinia in history) which has known Christianity since the Eunuch of Acts 8, and later the first Christian church in AD 345 during the Axumite kingdom.  That Church evolved into the Alexandrian Ethiopian Orthodox Coptic Church, 30 million strong. It is...

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